New Way at Access a Chubb Policy Data Breach Coach

When a cyber incident hits your real estate agency you need to move quickly to help reduce the damage caused by the bad actor. The 1st step is always to contact a Data Breach Coach for your cyber liability insurance policy. There are 2 ways to do this for active PBI Group cyber liability clients who have the Chubb/ACE policy.

#1) The 24/7 telephone number:  1 (844) 739-7754 which goes to a staffed call center of cyber reporting specialist.


#2) Chubb’s new Cyber Alert mobile application which gives you 1 button access to a cyber reporting specialist who calls you back immediately and captures your information about the incident and begins to marshal the resources to assist.

Both approaches get you to the same Data Beach coach team to provide guidance and help but from our experience, it is faster to use the Cyber Alert app for more immediate contact.  Don’t wait if you think you have a cyber incident happening, make contact now.

Links to app download from the stores: AppleAndriod

PBI Group and Victor O. Schinnerer: Chubb Cyber Webinar Recording

If you missed or would like to watch/listen again here is the webinar recording with the presentation slides.

Link to Presentation

* Every coverage situation is different, and the final outcome depends on the unique facts, law and insurance policy involved. The E&O policy contains reductions, limitations, exclusions and termination provisions that impact coverage for a specific event. Full details of the coverage are contained in the policy